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Pirelli Eufori

The traditional Italian company Pirelli is known for high quality tires. As evidence of the great innovative spirit of the brand of Pirelli Eufori, a tire which does not set limits progressing with the car used. Thanks to the patented technology are motorists the ability to drive even when the tire is without air. Of course, the Pirelli Eufori is equipped with the latest technology, which ensures maximum safety and driving comfort.

Tradition, innovation, performance. That's Pirelli

The company Pirelli has long been involved in the development of unique car tires. Can benefit of all drivers, regardless of the class of vehicle they own. Despite various tire models for all categories of vehicles, the emphasis is on Pirelli sports tires. Cars like Porsche, Lamborghini or BMW are ripe with the brand Pirelli always safe on the road. The Pirelli Eufori the manufacturer sets the quality and reliability of its products another step higher. This tire not only ensures maximum stability and steering precision, it allows you to progress even if the tire pressure stays away. A special feature, which is now also in tires from manufacturers such as Michelin or Goodyear is represented.

Locomotion, which knows no boundaries

The Pirelli Eufori is an innovative tire in every respect. A continuous rib design ensures that water is actively derived, so that the risk of aquaplaning is reduced to a minimum. Additional safety is made by the optimized with the computer carcass. The tread of the Pirelli Eufori was constructed so that the weight of the vehicle is optimally distributed. A special feature of the tire is that he himself is still usable in a tire pressure of 0 bar. The vehicle control is maintained even in the flat tire.

The Pirelli Eufori motorists must make no stop even with a flat tire. Even with an air pressure of 0 bar to move on with this tire. Of course, the Pirelli Eufori about other features that make a sporty Pirelli tires.

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