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Offroad summer tires

Offroad summer tires have their name from the English usage, where SUV for sport utility vehicle is. This offroad summer tires aimed at the tires of SUVs. Here, special requirements are given because these tires must have not only on the road but on rough terrain optimal driving characteristics. In addition, the SUV with a commonly selectable 4-wheel drive is fitted, which makes higher demands also on the tires.

What requirements must meet offroad summer tires?

For offroad summer tires special requirements apply. The tire must firstly be very robust before. The higher weight of the SUV compared to a traditional vehicle also increased demands on the tires. On the other hand, the offroad summer tires not only bring in difficult terrain conditions optimum performance, but also at higher speeds - as are usual on the highway -. Have best ride comfort and maximum driving safety Good quality offroad summer tires, here to buy cheap, is for the fulfillment of all claims condition.

Leading manufacturers of offroad summer tires and their special characteristics

As a leading manufacturer of offroad summer tires Bridgestone are the Dueler H / P Sport, Continental with the Model Cross Contact UHP, Hankook Dynapro HP and the Pirelli with the offroad summer tires Scorpion Verde. Add to this Dunlop and Nokian, which are to some revisions to their offroad summer tires to find in the top league of these tires. Particular attention is paid here to the rubber mixture. The tires have both on gravel as well on grass and sand and mud to show their performance and have excellent adhesion. Even on a wet track, the off-road have to prove tire buying here is clearly the Dunlop tires annually at the top. Good offroad summer tires (you can buy currently low) have a relatively low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption also. For this, the off-road ability and of course the safety and overall handling are subjected to close scrutiny. Nokian than Finnish manufacturer shows here in handling on a wet track narrow lead - which is also not last is probably due to the difficult overall weather conditions in Finland, where the tires have to face. Leading the aquaplaning test is almost always the Bridgestone tires, which is much faster than the competitors to hydroplaning range overcomes, yet does not get into swimming. In turn, this tire is also in the braking distance of the slowest. On a dry track but the Japanese offroad summer tires may leave the competition behind.

The first test is at the offroad summer tires for traction. Here the tires on various ups need to demonstrate how they interlock with each floor. The driving safety is tested not only in offroad summer tires in wet and dry. Also, the rolling resistance is checked.


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