New Summer Sale at the Carlisle Expo Center

Buyer or sellers of cars, have fun

Where winter season comes up with the challenges of snow and heavy rainfall that horrifies the riders, summer appears with easy driving and the drivers love to have long drives. They love to buy cars to enjoy rich riding experience in the summer season. The auctions are the best places for such buyers. No fear of stopping on the way. No hassle of browsing different markets to buy or sell a car of your choice. A large number of cars at one place to choose from! Time and money both saved. Buyers and the sellers present together. This is simply wonderful for both of them. New summer sale of cars is bringing big news! Just get ready to have a lot of fun. Bored of your existing car? No worries. Sell it out at the auction and buy another. It is quite simple. Bidders are waiting for you.

Exciting place for you

New Summer Sale is one the most exciting announcements for car owners who appreciate style and elegance of high speed cars. That is why they wait for the whole year to buy the cars of their choice at Carlisle Expo Center. It provides them a chance to select the best car they want ever in their life. This summer sale brings an exciting opportunity for all those who are price-sensitive but do not want to compromise on quality and safety. So no matter what model or type of car you are in love with, the Carlisle Expo Center will be offering it at one place for you. So enjoy this June and the bliss of great rides with your favorite car.

Large variety of cars

200 cars will be put into auction this summer that will provoke the car lovers to get there. If they have already participated in the spring auction, they will be encouraged to attend it. It will boost the June event.

How to register?

A large collection of classic cars is available in the auction. All bidders who participated in the previous auctions will be invited and informed about the great event and no extra cost will b charged from them when they register. So if you have already taken part as a bidder, it will be a golden chance for you to participate in it. There is another interesting thing for you; the registration of the bidders is open now and everyone can join to be a part of New Summer Sale at the Carlisle Expo Center. Interested? Do not wait. Get yourself registered and feel great!

Hurry up and be a VIP

You can consign as a bidder by calling the phone number that is provided. As another option, you visit the website and get your name registered. If you want to avail the VIP perks and discounts, you should go for preregistration. So why not planning of getting discounts and other perks? The auction office of the venue will provide passes to be picked up. There are some other special offers that will be offered to those who register in advance. Isn’t that exciting? Of course, yes. It is! Why wasting time and getting late? Hurry up and make sure you reserve your seat prior to others. Perks and discounts require just stepping ahead before the others do and then you are very very special in the event.

Perks you will get

Beat the heat of this summer and be at the New Summer Sale at the Carlisle Expo Center. The venue will be air-conditioned and you can enjoy the weather with your family or friends. A wise purchase or selling can make you feel good and you will definitely forget the blistering sun on the roads of the summer season. If you are a buyer or seller, you are welcome and if you want to participate as a spectator, it will be a great platform for you where you can window shop the cars of millions of loonies. Inform your family and friends and all those who are like-minded and plan to be a part of this auction. All car enthusiasts can join at very low admission fee. Children of 12 and under 12 can join for free. So do not miss the auction and seeing the collectible and classic cars at one place. Such a huge number of cars will not be there for you at one stop. If collecting cars is your hobby, the new summer sale will be a paradise for you, we bet. The audience of all types will be hosted by this auction keeners and a large number of guests and bidders will make it a remarkable success for buyer, sellers, and spectators alike. The beauty of the spring auction will lead to another successful event for car lovers. 

Get rid of your old car

Another exciting feature of the new summer sale is that it offers “Free unless sold” to all those consignors who own the cars 25 years or even older than that. Get rid of your old car at a reasonable price and make room for the new one at your garage. The old is gold. There are the buyers who love old car models. Make this auction as fruitful as you can.

A dream car is not a dream

Canucks, make this June as memorable as you can with your presence ensured in the New Summer Sale at the Carlisle Expo Center. Make yourself car fanatic and a part of this auction. Every consignor and buyer will have enough time to buy and sell his car in this standalone auction. Take your time and make your presence in this auction a memorable thing through buying or selling the car of your dreams. Here the dreams come true. Have a dream of a great car in this summer and make a good decision of buying the old car and getting a new one. We are sure you and your company will enjoy hundreds of cars together. Get ready, the great car lovers! The auction in June is waiting for you. Ensure your participation today with a quick and advance registration and receive a VIP status in the auction this June.

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