Tips for selling your car: how do I sell my car?

Do you want to sell your car? Then keep reading to know what’s important when selling between individuals.

The price

Not sure how much you can get for your "clunker"? Look at online car exchanges (for example,, or, where sellers specify prices for comparable cars. This provides a solid basis for negotiation. Another widely used valuation method is on the the Schwacke list. This index has been the standard in determining the prices of used cars since 1957 and is particularly used by dealers and garages. However, the search on the Schwacke list is imputable. If your car is worthless, you can always give it back to the manufacturer. Car manufacturers are required by law to take them back. Find out about scrap yards nearby. Otherwise, it is necessary to find a buyer. There are several possibilities.

Directly to the dealer

If you buy a new car from the dealer, you can also take your "scrap" as payment. The price is generally a little lower than other distributors, but everything is done in one step. And even without a car purchase, the used car dealer is a good contact. This only applies to relatively well-preserved cars that can be resold. If your car is low-valued, you can sell it to specialized exporters. These usually offer even a low price. There are also companies where you can get a first online shopping offer, for example Pay attention to the accuracy of registration forms. For example, if your car is significantly older than the last limit application "Built in 2001 or earlier", then the actual price offered differs significantly from the first online offer.

Online advertising

One of the most reliable ways to find a buyer for the car is a well-designed ad in an online marketplace. Information and good photos lead to success. Put as much detail as possible in your ad. Model, year, mileage, power, number of previous owners, a list of all equipment features (such as sunroof, xenon light) and information about the condition must appear on the advertisement. Also mention the standard built-in ASB or ESP and central locking. Is the car workshop maintained? When does the technical monitoring expire? What tires are lifted? Any damages or defects must be mentioned. Pay attention to the spelling. Wash your car and clean the inside before taking pictures.

The purchase contract

As a private seller, you are covered with an unsecured purchase contract. In addition to the buyers information and the technical details of the vehicle, you must note the damages, place and time of the transfer and, if necessary, the obligation to change or cancel the registration. In addition, liability for defects is excluded, so you should not be responsible for defects in the vehicle. Of course, this does not apply if you knowingly hide the damage. Examples of sales contracts can be found, for example, in the ADL or in the ADAC. Report the sale to the Admissions Office and your insurance company as soon as possible.

Caution is required

If a buyer unexpectedly appears, act prudently. Do not let yourself be pressured to sign a contract that you have not read. If possible, use your own contract. Of course, you can refuse the sale if the buyer has already accepted the price but does not want to respond to other demands. Test units should only be allowed during the day and with company. Have them show you their driver's license. Do not hand over the keys and papers until you have received the money. It is your decision to deliver the car before reporting the sale. The car continues to operate in your name, you pay insurance, taxes and fines until the ownership of the car is transferred. If the buyer does not do this as agreed, he will keep the costs. Be sure to inform the buyer, so they can bring a short-term registration. Alternatively, you can drive together to the registration office and re-register the car.

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