Choosing the best types of tires for trucks

Unlike passenger vehicles truck carry loads that require special approach. That is why truck tires must be carefully selected to ensure not only the safety of the driver but also the safety of the carried goods and materials. Experienced drivers prefer choosing truck tires of reliable truck tire manufacturers. The market of tire manufacturing offers a wide range but drivers define five truck tire brands that offer value for money.

The best truck tire manufacturers

Continental. The leading German manufacturer, Continental, is a popular choice for light trucks. The company was established in 18 and since then has proven to be a reliable brand in many ways. All tires are manufactured from high-quality material, using advanced technologies. With these tire you will not have any problems.

Michelin. Michelin is among the best tire brands for trucks and passenger vehicles. The company has the best all-round tire with the highest quality casings and superior mileage in comparison to other brands. Michelin is a reliable company with considerable experience in tire production.

Goodyear. Goodyear is another excellent-quality brand, which numerous drivers will recommend. The tires have great casings and can easily handle around three retreads. Just imagine how much it extends the value of a tire. Goodyear provide customers with a huge range of tire types and sizes.

Yokohama. Yokohama is famous due to its 22.5 and 24.5 tire sizes. The brand might not seem to be very popular brand among truck tire brands but dealers greatly promote it. They know the quality of Yokohama tires and support its tires as a great choice for trucks.

Dunlop. Dunlop is an economical option in terms of budget. Despite being a budget option, Dunlop offers high-quality tires. Tread design of Dunlop is time tested and have impressed owners of different vehicles, including light trucks.

Cooper Roadmaster. Cooper Roadmaster has made successful improvements. Their flagship tires have been tested against and out-performed major brands such as Michelin and Bridgestone for some operations. The casing is warrantied and the customer gets guarantee of outstanding quality.

Where to find truck tires

The trend to buy tires online is increasing every year. There numerous reasons why people buy not only clothes and other stuff online but also tires and vehicle parts. Online shops have a wide range of truck tires of excellent quality. The main benefit is the prices, which is much lower in comparison to conventional stores.

Moreover, online stores have convenient tools that help find the right product. For instance, truck tire finder helps pick up the right brand and tire size for your truck. Truck tire selector gives results based on many criteria, which is the guarantee that you will find exactly what you need. Apart from truck tire configurator and other tools, e-shops offer nice tuck tire deals and discounts. The most popular deal for tires is “Buy three tires and get one more tire for free”. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

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