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Hawks RI 117 - A hero from the second row

Who the "hawks" Brand says nothing can be reassured. Behind this name hides a budget deal by Dunlop. And this company has now times invented the pneumatic tire. This mother in the back so you can not go wrong with the Falcon RI 117 in dot quality.

Allrounder inner values

For cost-conscious entrepreneur provides the Hawks RI 117 a performance that presents many other deals in the shadows. Newly developed fins guarantee extremely low noise levels, the driver will thank. As summer tires all year-round qualities of hawks RI 117 does even full use even with critical weather. Admitted to the speed index K, this tire is ready when it sometimes has to be fast. The Hawks RI 117 is suitable for the complete assembly of the utility vehicle. A distinction between driven and driving loose axle is not necessary, this tire is a "one for all". Particularly in reequipping a fleet, this can be a decisive advantage by removing large quantities.

Price jumps as on the futures exchange

As unconditional recommendation applies to this tire: compare prices! There are differences of over 40% are possible. The Hawks RI 117 can be considered a special treat. The parent brand and the famous Japanese craftsmanship soothe simultaneously all concerns about quality and stability. Its low rolling resistance makes it particularly fuel efficient.

The Hawks RI 117 is distinguished mainly by its high level of comfort and its economy. Despite his - depending on supply - low price, the tire can impress with its high quality. To help this product in an excellent manner, the cost pressure in the transport industry to oppose. More savings provides a comparison of the maintenance service and insurance .

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