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With Offroad winter tires always on the road

Who drives a large SUV, which often imagines himself sitting in an all-rounder. But the SUV has its limits, especially when it comes to bad weather conditions. Here the change to offroad winter tires is recommended to be on the road safely even in ice and snow. However Offroad winter tires is not equal Offroad winter tires.

Why Offroad winter tires?

Theoretically, all tires that have an M + S symbol, both for the summer and for winter suitable. Ganzjahresreifen however afford bad weather, many weaknesses and are only slightly more efficient than summer tires. At least the difference in traction falls on, because thanks to the four-wheel drive SUVs come on poor surfaces well by the body. Here the difference between all-season tires and winter tires is only around 20 percent. Your great advantage playing Offroad winter tires, however, when it comes to braking. Comparative tests have shown the differences between summer tires, all-season tires and winter tires. So passed SUVs the point at which a related with winter tires SUVs has come to a halt, with 50 and 35 km / h when they were loaded with summer or all-season tires. A big difference, who can decide in case of doubt between shock and accident.

What should be considered winter tires Offroad

First of all must be a real offroad winter tires have the snow symbol to actually be a snow specialist. It comes with all-season tires often to confusion. "True" Winter tires are not required by law, it must be driven the M + S variant, a winter tire will only increase their own safety. Furthermore, it must be correct, the air pressure of winter tires. This is generally lower than for summer tires and will vary depending on terrain. While a high air pressure on the road and in normal conditions leads to good driveability and low fuel consumption, provides a low air pressure driving safety, but drives the fuel consumption and tire wear in the air. It is particularly important to swiftly remove Offroad winter tires at the end of winter, back from the vehicle because the tires are quickly destroyed by dry, warm asphalt. Before a tire is purchased, should also be paid to the correct size. There are special SUV sizes, but many winter tires for normal cars are also attached to the SUV.

Even within the Offroad winter tires, there are large differences in the tires. Some models are more suitable for use on cleared or wet roads, others specialize in snow and ice as well as off-road terrain. This is easily recognized by the coarser profile. The leading manufacturers in the segment Offroad winter tires are Michelin, Vredestein, Dunlop, Continental, Pirelli and Goodyear, offering all good and reliable solutions.

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