Pirelli have just simplified the Formula One’s tires for next year

Pirelli has revealed the range of 2019 Formula-1 tires and confirmed 3 colors which will be utilized at every race the next season. Although there'll be a variety of between 5 and 6 compounds for the whole season, Pirelli will bring simply 3 varieties to every race weekend. The trio brought to every Grand Prix will be totally different however there'll be 3 appointed colors: the white are the hard, the yellow will be the medium and also the red will be the soft.

Isola confirmed that the teams and media will know in advance which compound is used for the hard, medium and soft at each event. However the old range of names - such as supersoft and hypersoft - will be replaced by a code. It has yet to be decided whether that will use numbers or letters.

"The plan is to provide variety to every compound," he explained. "We are presently discussing that, as a result of I've had a talk currently with the engineers - they like a letter for the system. "But primarily we'll have a clear identification of every compound.

"So if we are about to homologate 5 compounds, there'll be one, two, three, four, five, and that we provide you with the info before, therefore you recognize that for this race the hard is number 2, the medium is 3, the soft is four.

"So, you'll compare at totally different circuits. but for spectators there'll be 3 colors." Isola says there's no need to actually mark the tires with the code: "We will provide the info to everyone beforehand, as a result of teams need to make their choice, their selection, however they're not on the sidewalls.

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