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195/50 R16

Bridgestone A001, Vredestein Sportrac 5 and Nokian WRG2 are all tire of size 195/50/16 with good quality to satisfy its customer’s demand. They all have a good grip which is important of all while buying a new tire for your vehicle. The first tire has a dry grip of 92% and a wet grip of 94% indicating that it has high cornering speed and firm handily making it easy to drive. It is a high performance all season tire with the progressiveness of 80%. It is safe to drive and is comfortable with the percentage of 83%. It has a good wear of 86%. The second tire is a high performance tire specially designed for summer. It has a dry grip of 92% and a wet grip of 91% providing its users an easy handling in both, dry and wet conditions. It has a progressiveness of 84%. The third tire has a dry grip of 85% and a wet grip of 87%.

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