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Cooper tires has 100 yearts experience in the tire manufacturing industry. Their focus is on quality replacement tires for passenger cars and light vehicles.

High Performance Cars

Cooper Zeon CS Sport tires –designed for optimum performance with better traction both wet and dry, reduced tire noise, more comfortable ride
• Cooper Zeon2XS tires – less weight, even wear, better wet traction, reduced noise
Weather Master SA2 tires –designed for improved wet, slush, snow traction

Medium Cars

Cooper Zeon CS6 tires –reduced noise, better wet grip and water clearing, lower rolling resistance for better fuel economy
• Cooper Zeon XTC tires –sharpened steering response, reduced aquaplaning, reduced noise
• Weather Master Ice 100 tires =stronger grip and better control in winter conditions
• Weather Master S/T3 tires –better snow and ice traction, reduced noise, longer tread life
Weather Master S/T2 tires =excellent winter tire with improved grip both wet and dry, long life

Small Cars

Cooper CS2 tires =better fuel economy, longer tire life, reduced noise, improved handling
• Cobra Radial G/T tires =increased grip, improved handling and tread wear
• Weather Master AS2 tires =improved traction in snow slush and wet enhanced braking

High Performace SUVs

Cooper Zeon 4XS tires –enhanced wet grip, reduced aquaplaning, long wear, reduced fuel consumption
• Cooper Zeon XSTa tires –enhanced stability in turns, better steering response, reduced aquaplaning and better wet traction
Discoverer CTS tires –enhanced tire performance giving stability, traction, and wear
• Discoverer H/T tires –improved snow traction while reducing aquaplaning and noise
• Discoverer M+S2 tires –improved traction in severe winter conditions and reduced tire noise


AV11 tires –high speed van tire that is more resistance to kerbing damage, reduced noise level from tires
• WM Van tires –better winter condition traction and braking


• Discoverer A/T3 tires –all terrain all season stability, handling, good tread wear life
Discoverer S/T tires –off and on road capable, reduced noise more even tread wear for longer life
• Discoverer S/T Maxx tires –enhanced off on road performance, resistant to cutting and chipping in gravel and abrasion in uneven terrains

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