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Toyo Tires

Tires Toyo is a Japanese tire manufacturer who set up shop in the 1940s. In 2004, Toyo Tire North America was launched. The company produces a spectrum of tires for use on family cars, sports and luxury vehicles, light-duty pickups, and SUVs.

Toyo Tires are meant to be affordable and performance-savvy. There are tire series by Toyo that cater to a specific requirement; from all-weather tires designed to maximize grip, to summer performance tires, all-terrain pickup tires, and winter/snow tires.

Other Products

The company doesn’t rely solely on the sale of tires as a source of revenue. Toyo creates products for components of railway cars, building material, and waterproofing material, based on the use of rubber. The company also manufactures Urethane-based coatings to improve insulation, while offering an alternative to fluorocarbon technologies.
Toyo Tires dabbles in the production of automotive parts. The components are designed to reduce vibrations caused while driving. On the list of anti-vibration products are engine mounts, differential mounts, motor mounts, and exhaust mounts.

Where to find Toyo Tires?

Large chain stores do not carry Toyo tires, but some dealers sell these tires. Toyo tires online dealer search engine can help you locate the nearest place to purchase. Simply go to There are other websites available to buy Toyo Tires, but for your own peace of mind, purchase the set through an authorized vendor.

How much will Toyo tires cost?

The company makes many series of tires with different functions, sizes, and compositions. The Toyo tires prices depend on what model and size you wish to purchase.

Warranty and Recall

Toyo tires have a tire registration page, and customers are encouraged to use it. The purpose of the page is to inform consumers about any recalls and make it easier for the company to trace defective products.

Warranties offered, just like the price, depends on the model and size of the tire. Be sure to have the original receipt with you, as that is the proof of purchase with which you can claim the warranty. The warranty most commonly covers tread wear.

What makes Toyo, Toyo?

Alongside investing in ideas and processes to reduce the use of plastic, the company’s Research and Development Department focuses on material designs and simulation technology. The material design is created to optimize performance by a combination of research, analysis, design, and production on a molecular level.

Simulation technology is used to test the grit of the tires. The focus is placed on the area of contact between the road and the tire surface. The simulation helps to improve road comfort, fuel economy, and traction capacity.

What makes the tires a good buy is the affordability, with added emphasis on the tires having superb performance.

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