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Continental Tires

Continental AG is a German company that specializes in tires, interior electronics, brake systems, powertrain, automotive safety, chassis components, tachographs and various other parts for the transportation and automotive industry. The company is the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the world. Since the time of its inception, it has introduced tires designed for specific conditions and requirements of drivers across the globe.

The company offers Extreme Contact, Conti Force Contact and Conti Sport Contact tires that deliver top-notch performances. Their True Contact, Pro Contact, and Pure Contact tires are for touring vehicles, while Vanco and Cross Contact are designed for light trucks. The brand offers several additional types of tires as well. You can also buy Continental tires at exclusive prices. The Continental tires prices are very competitive and can vary across different types and sizes.

Technical Features and Design Characteristics

These tires are equipped with high-grip technology along with a silica-based compound that functions exceptionally well in all seasons. The compound is molded within tread that has an asymmetrical design provided with stable shoulder blocks. Continental Tires Canada is one of North America’s top distributors, and they have a wide variety available for sale.

These tires are also equipped with an intermediate notched rib on the outer side to provide support in cornering and increase the tires’ responsiveness and balance. The independent blocks at the center of the tire are aside because of the high crisscross grooves which provide the tires with better biting edges.

Special Attributes

Continental tires are made to perform in all seasons, and the heavy-duty tires are for all conditions and terrains as well. Some of the outstanding features of these tires are as follows:

  • Price of Continental tires is one of the primary reasons why this brand is among the top four in the world.
  • Continental tires offer excellent value for the money because they are both budget-friendly and high-performance tires.
  • These tires are packed with special features as the company understands the customers and their requirements.
  • The tires continental company offers a wide range of tires in different shapes and sizes to address your vehicle’s needs and requirements.
  • Continental tires are some of the most fuel-efficient tires out there.


If you are looking to enhance the performance of your vehicle, then you must take care of your Continental tires as well. Always keep the pressure of each of your tires in check, and go in regularly for rotation and alignment as well. Various other tire inspections can also optimize the performance and durability of your tires. Never overload your vehicle, or it will put too much pressure on the tires and shocks. Don't drive at high speeds either, or your tires will wear out.

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