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Bridgestone Tires

With headquarters in Japan, Bridgestone is the largest manufacturer of tires in the world, pulling ahead of Michelin by just a slight margin. The company has a multitude of tires in the consumer market with most popular being Turanza for touring vehicles, Potenza for performance vehicles, Ecopia for fuel-efficient passenger cars, Drive Guard for run-flat, Blizzak for winters, and Dueler for light trucks. Many of the vehicles also come with Bridgestone tires as the car’s original equipment. Moreover, the bridgestone tires prices are affordable for everyone.


Bridgestone tires don't come with any warranty for tread life on most of its tires, however; there is a warranty for uniformity for the first 1/32-inch of wear. If there is the rare case of workmanship or material issues with your purchase, then you are covered by a five-year warranty or a free-of-cost replacement within the first three years of purchase. After that, it is prorated until 2/32-inch of the depth of the tire remains. Bridgestone also provides you with a special 30-Day Buy & Try guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then the company will give you a full refund.

Design Aspects

Bridgestone tires come in different shapes and sizes that are designed by the company to meet different needs of various drivers. Buy Bridgestone tires for your car to provide it with excellent traction for people who like to drive fast.

Most of the tires come with a compound of high-grip tread molded into the directional design. There is a continuous rib in the center as well as stable shoulder elements with large tread blocks which function together and provide your vehicle with responsive handling. Moreover, these elements also assist in dry road traction.

The lateral and circumferential tread grooves evacuate water and pump it out of the tire so that it can create a total footprint by lowering hydroplaning and enhancing wet traction. These tires also include dual belts made of steel.

There is also an additional nylon spiral wrap to reinforce the tread region for even smoother handling. This reinforcement contributes towards improving ride quality and high-speed capability. The hard rubber sidewall and fabric cord body of the filler support steering and blends in with the smooth ride and lateral stability assurance.

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