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High performing Firestone Winterforce tires

The Winterforce tires from Firestone will secure your car with reliable traction for harsh winter conditions. No matter how severe the weather, even on slippery and snow-covered roads, you can now enjoy peace of mind and a comfortable ride. The Firestone Winterforce tires reinforce the braking system of your automobile on slush and snow, and is also backed by the company limited warranty. Winterforce tires also come in a variety designs and sizes, allowing you to choose the tires that best serve your needs.

Technical Characteristics & Design Features

The tires are backed by Severe Snow Performance, which meets the requirements of Rubber Association Canada as well as the Rubber Manufacturers Association. The tires are equipped with extraordinary potential for traction and are pinned for #11, #12 and #15 studs to ensure their topnotch performance. The tires also come with patterned directional tread for better performance in both wet and dry conditions. Winterforce firestone tires are even enriched with high-sipe density with three-dimensional patterns for controlled performance in the mud and slick terrain. These tires also come with an exclusive cold weather compound, along with open shoulder slots, to provide enhanced road grip, which works better than an all-seasoned tire. Finally, The Winterforce tires from Firestone have certified designation from 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake.

Unique Benefits

Firestone's Winterforce tires are fully loaded with features, while also maintaining an affordable cost. Firestone Winterforce price is one of the biggest advantages of these tires, because they offer high-quality while also coming with limited warranty. Some noteworthy features are listed below:

  • Winterforce tires incorporate steel belt construction, adding durability as well as strengthening resistance to punctures.
  • The Firestone tires are all equipped with a high-speed density that delivers dependable traction in wet, snow-covered, and icy conditions.
  • The patterned directional tread maximizes the performance of the tires in both wet and dry conditions.
  • The tires are built to provide top quality snow performance in severe weather, as well as at quality standards.
  • The winter tread design ensures the control and safety of occupants in the vehicle, even in the coldest of conditions.
  • The firestone Winterforce tires price is another excellent feature, which provides customers with the perfect balance of being high-performance and budget-friendly.
  • Most of the Firestone tires are also covered by a five-year warranty period, for any manufacturing or material defects.

If you want your Firestone Winterforce tires to deliver continued long-lasting performance, then you need to ensure that they are in good condition and well maintained. Winter tires are more prone to wear and tear when compared to regular all-season tires, and therefore, you have to be very careful. Ensure that you frequently check the air pressure in your tires and also know all your wheel alignments in detail. You can increase the performance and durability of your tires by having them inspected regularly. Because snow or winter tires are softer than all-season ones, they have to be consistently checked for any problems.

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