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The South Korean tire company Hankook Tire Group is headquartered in Seoul and is the 7th largest tire company in the world. It has global offices across East Asia and North America. The company is well known for its involvement in motorsports and its sponsoring of other sports as well.

Hankook offers a range of different tire types including Ventus for durable performance, Dynapro for light trucks, and Optimo for touring vehicles. Various lines of Hankook tires are also used as original equipment on new cars as well. The company holds the distinction of being the first Korean tire company and has contributed to tire innovations as well.

Technical Aspects and Design Features

Tires Hankook are mostly manufactured for sports cars, light trucks, and performance sedans. Hankook tires come with directional tread construction and are based on wide shoulder blocks with notched intermediate ribs. There is another rib which is wider than the rest, which the vehicle uses to get a firm grip on the road at all times, even at high speeds.

This rib also enhances the handling capabilities of the tire. Hankook tires have wider circumferential grooves in the center along with narrow external grooves. These multiple internal and external grooves enable the tire to disperse any water and improve wet traction. The exceptional wet traction of these tires is one of the primary reasons why people buy Hankook tires. However, during heavy rains or in standing water, the lateral and longitudinal hydroplaning resistance will present a serious challenge.

It is recommended that drivers reduce their speeds in such conditions. The internal structure of the tires has a couple of wide steel belts that are reinforced by nylon. The nylon provides additional high-speed strength and capability to the tire. There are also a couple of polyester sidewalls which limit the lateral direction. This is beneficial in cornering stability and responsive handling.

Additional Benefits

There are many reasons why you might choose to buy Hankook tires. They are durable, robust and built for speed. However, the top reasons to buy Hankook tires are as follows:

  • These tires are available in a range of sizes and designs so that you can buy the option that’s right for you.
  • Hankook tires prices are another major advantage, as are the best of their kind in the industry and are sold at extremely competitive prices.
  • The tires don't come with any tread life warranty, however; the company does offer uniformity warranty which is valid for 1-year from the date of purchase of your tire.
  • The warranty for materials and workmanship of all tires is five years. The company also provides a free replacement within the first year. Otherwise, if the tire wears to 2/32-inches, a free replacement is prorated until the remaining depth is less than 2/32-inch.

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