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Pirelli Tires

Pirelli Tires was founded in 1872 in Milan. Currently, Pirelli is an overseas subsidiary of ChemChina. In 2015, the company underwent a massive reorganization, with their business model altered to focus wholly on consumer tires.

Pirelli is incorporating innovative technology to usher in an era of high-end consumer products. At the same time, they are predicting how the consumer requirements will change according to new implementations of environmental and emission regulations.

The company is focusing on sustainability, fixating on the environmental impact of the company’s products, processes, and services. Simultaneously, Pirelli is bringing its obsessive commitment to performance to a larger consumer market.

What are Pirelli tires for?

Pirelli tires are designed to be used on cars, light trucks, SUVs, and classic cars. The different models available by Pirelli are made with a simple task in mind - never letting go of the asphalt. The operating conditions of the different tires range from ultra-high-performance, high-performance, all-season, winter, and four-season, to name a few.

Pirelli car tires have low-resistance rolling, due to the materials used in their construction. Road comfort is a significant part of the Pirelli tire lines. The sidewalls of the tire are designed to minimize side-to-side sway, with the tread and spine of the tire flexible enough to absorb vibration and reduce noise. The combination of all three of these features fits to form a very smart tire choice for those seeking to make the most out of every trip.

Where to buy Pirelli?

Pirelli provides a dealer search engine on their official site. You can buy Pirelli tires at certain chain stores as well. Pirelli tires price of a set of tires will depend on the model and size. Pirelli also offers help on finding the right tires for your needs. The company’s approach of engaging a customer with every step ensures you are getting the best they have to offer.


Pirelli offers a warranty according to the model purchased. The warranty covers tread wear, workmanship, and material. The duration of this warranty is one year from the date of purchase, and the original receipt must be presented. Pirelli tires can be registered online so that in the case of the company recalling a product, they can inform you directly.

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