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Goodyear Tires

Goodyear is one of largest tire manufacturers in the world, and its headquarters are in Akron, Ohio. The company manufactures tires for commercial trucks, motorcycles, light trucks, automobiles, airplanes, race cars, heavy earth-movers, and farm equipment. The brand is named after the inventor of vulcanized rubber, and it instantly became a hit in the market because of its detachable tires that require very little maintenance.

The company was also the most successful tire supplier of Formula One. Afterwards, they pulled out and became the sole supplier for the NASCAR series. The company offers different tires in various shapes and designs. The most popular are Assurance for passenger cars, Eagle for performance vehicles, Ultra grip for winters, and Wrangler for light trucks. The company also provides tires as original equipment for new automobiles.

Technical Aspects

Tires Goodyear are suitable for any driver because you can choose from a wide variety of designs and shapes. These tires are high in value at very affordable prices, with irresistible deals. The tires come with compound molds within the tread, and they also feature independent shoulder blocks that are excellent when it comes to delivering great road performance. All Goodyear tires come with four deep grooves that assist in dispersion and evacuation of water, thus providing superior wet traction.

Goodyear tires are equipped with an internal structure that has a polyester cord body with two different cables made of steel for added durability. This signature internal construction of the tire enhances performance, comfort level, and strength. Goodyear tires prices are an exclusive benefit as you get to enjoy a high-quality brand at excellent rates. This is the unique combination that most tire buyers are looking for.


If you are looking to improve the lifespan of your Goodyear tires, then you must make sure that you don't drive at high speeds on the highways because if you do, the tires can quickly wear out. Moreover, you should avoid overloading your vehicle, as that would also negatively affect the tires’ durability. Always ensure that you keep an eye on the pressure of your tires and regularly go in for alignment and rotation checks. There are a variety of other check-ups that you can perform on your tires; just take your vehicle to the nearest tire shop.


Goodyear tires also come with a six-year or 65,000-mile warranty for the tread life. The warranty for uniformity covers one year of use for the first 2/32-inches of wear. In the rare case of issues regarding materials and workmanship arising, Good year tire also provides a six-year warranty along with free replacement in the first year or 2/32-inches of wear on prorated for the remaining depth.

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