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Maxxis Tires

Maxxis Tires is an American tire manufacturer. The company creates tires that can be used on SUVs, passenger cars, motorcycles, and 4x4 vehicles. The list continues with ATVs, mountain bikes, trailers, and karts – and there are more still.

The company constantly strives to create products that can withstand the toughest real-world situations. Maxxis uses the most advanced equipment, with a fleet of highly skilled and dedicated workers to create a quality product.

The assurance of quality and extreme dedication to customer service has enabled Maxxis to turn into a global competitor. The company’s vision is to provide high-quality products, and with an extensive range of vehicles on which the products can be used, Maxxis is a hard hitter.

Why Maxxis?

Maxxis strives to find the right balance between using smart materials and ensuring multi-terrain adaptability. The company’s values reflect the determination of the employees to make a product better than any other.

There are four categories of tires made by Maxxis: auto/LT, moto/ATV, bicycle, and other. In all four categories there lie subcategories for tires - the least being four and the maximum being ten. In all subcategories, there is a minimum of two products. While there are more in the passenger vehicle category, the tires are meant to be used in a variety of terrain and conditions.

Where to buy Maxxis tires?

Maxxis provides locations of its outlets and a dealer locator through their website. The Maxxis tires price depends on the size and model of the tire you want to purchase. Maxxis has no shortage of options when selecting a tire.

Passenger tires include models designed for touring, all-season, road comfort, and wet weather performance. The availability of variants gives Maxxis a very diverse product portfolio.


Maxxis provides a limited-time warranty on workmanship and materials. The warranty is void on vehicles used for commercial reasons. The company also provides a certain tread wear warranty on specific models, and there are separate warranties for trailers and bicycles.

Better Biking

Maxxis bicycle tires are not exempt from the technology used by the company. Maxxis incorporates anti-puncture construction, with the tires formed by layering different materials to keep you safe on and off the road.

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