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Nitto Tires

Nitto Tires are among the most durable and high-performing tires found on the market. Their tires are popular among drivers of all-terrain vehicles, but they also have tires for performance vehicles and touring vans. Tires from Nitto give your vehicle outstanding traction over both wet and dry conditions. Their heavy duty tires also excel on dirt, mud, and rocks. Nitto tires are made by Toyo Tire Holdings of the USA, which also owns Toyo Tire USA.

Features and Benefits

You can buy nitto tires from the range of different kinds and sizes as per your needs. You can also buy Nitto tires online, where you will most likely find a wider variety. Nitto tire prices are also very economical, especially when compared to other competitive brands.

Nitto tires boast double sidewall construction, which gives you a few options regarding the look of your tire. Some of the tires from Nitto are available in different skins as well. One of them has a sidewall of lizard skin side lag. Another type comes with plain side lug.

The side lug improves the performance in all-terrain tires by eliminating a slight imbalance that can cause vibrations. These tires are also equipped with a more aggressive sidewall lug as compared to competitors’. The aggressiveness of the sidewall lug means that the tire will work great if you want to undertake any off-road driving.
These tires don't get flat too quickly because they have superior biting edges with additional depths. The tread locks of these tires also have a good amount of gap which enables the tire to disperse any mud or water, improving overall traction.


Whether you are driving off-road or on-road, you must be sure that you keep the tire pressures of your vehicle under check. Don’t drive fast unless you want to wear out your tires before their time. Always ensure that you have checked your vehicle for alignment and rotations as well. If you can, go to a tire shop for a check every other week. Don’t ever overload your vehicle, as it affects not only the vehicle's tires but also its fuel consumption.

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