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Yokohama Tires

Yokohama is a tire manufacturer situated in Tokyo, Japan which offers various tires for different types of vehicles. The ADVAN tire is for performance vehicles, while Geolander is for the light trucks. Yokohama AVID tire is for passenger vans, and the company also has a tire line for winters called ice Guard. Many of the new vehicles - especially in Japan - come with Yokohama tires as original equipment as well. All the tire types from the company are designed to provide the driver increased road grip, along with enhanced handling on both wet and dry road conditions. You can buy Yokohama tires through online platforms as well as from your local retailer.

Key Design Features

Yokohama has introduced new tread compound features with more carbon element to improve the road grip on dry surfaces, along with micro silica to enhance road grip in wet conditions. They have also used macromolecule polymer to blend an increased rigidity of tread that is also resistant to wear. Moreover, the company's Orange Oil Technology bolsters performance and limits environmental impact by replacing the petroleum oil and using oil that is harvested from orange peels instead.

This new compound technology improves grip and control, and it also resists wear and boosts wet traction. The compound is molded into the directional pattern of tread that has dual-circumferential ribs in the center. The tires come with wide uni-block shoulders as well, which enhance smooth steering and stability. There are three large circumferential grooves in the joints, along with HydroArc Channels that improve traction in wet conditions and helps to halt hydroplaning.

The internal construction of Yokohama tires is pretty standard; it has a couple of wide steel belts that have been reinforced with nylon spirals for high speed and stability. The sidewalls of the tires are fortified with a couple of wide steel belts with spirals of nylon while the sidewalls are secured with steel cord to hold lateral deflection and provide your vehicle with cornering stability.


Tires Yokohama don't come with any tread life warranty, but a five-year warranty will cover your purchase against materials or workmanship issues. Instead of going with the five-year warranty, you can also opt for a free replacement within three years. Warranty for uniformity is up to the first 2/32-inch of wear.

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