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Schwalbe Tire

Schwalbe Tires is a German tire manufacturer. The company is a third-generation family-owned business that specializes in making tires for bicycles, scooters, and wheelchairs. Even while being a family owned business, Schwalbe has a global reach with its products and services scattered all over the world.

Why Schwalbe?

With a global reach that touches Russia, Mexico, Great Britain, South Africa, and most of Europe, Schwalbe must be doing something right. Schwalbe also invests in the idea that cycling is a better means of transportation. Their claim is that cycling feels more natural and is a far more humane method of traveling. Taking on the responsibility of creating a greener transport alternative is no easy task, even if it’s simply asking people to move from cars to bicycles.

What does Schwalbe produce?

Schwalbe manufactures tires for bicycles, scooters, and wheelchairs. The products produced by Schwalbe aim to tackle a variety of surfaces and terrain. From snow to gravel options, there is no place your bike won’t be able to go.

The tires available for wheelchairs are designed with the same thought in mind. Even though the tires won’t handle off-roading, there are certain models with enough tread coverage to traverse unpaved paths.

Schwalbe also offers accessories such as studs, clothing, and rim strips. They want to create the best experience possible.

Price and Warranty

Schwalbe tires prices depend on the model of the tire and its size. The warranty offered by Schwalbe only covers defects present from a lack of quality control. Locating a shop that has Schwalbe products can be done through the company’s site.

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