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195/55 R15

The wider, the better! 195/55 is the breaches of extreme grip and support. These wheels are the love of the youth and especially the Petrol heads. These support grips up to 95%, varying with moisture conditions but are extremely overwhelmed and loved due to their bodacious wide look with Deep Dish Rims, Lowering Springs and excellent fitment. The cambering really upgrades the car’s look with great tempo and settlement towards the levelled and balanced working of the car in the matters of speed, acceleration, stopping, braking, drifting, sprints and the excellent grip is also tremendously overcharged on the hilly sides with lesser tendency towards the grip’s loss. This size of the tire is a 100% of everything and the best example is the Interstate Eco Tour Plus. This is one car guy’s favorite choice with the trendy look and devilish work.

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