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195 55 R16 Tires

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195/55 R16

With radial design 16, 195/55/16 tires come in a very affordable range. The tires cover a reasonable range of distance in terms of durability. The design gives a good traction rating on road, although can be initially a little noisy. They do not significantly affect the fuel consumption per mile. The tread width gives better road grip. The run on wet grip is fair but 195055r16 is preferred for dry grip conditions, good for snowy conditions. These tires provide lesser aquaplaning especially on long drive highways. The comfort provided is excellent for normal on road journey, city drives and for motorists.
Over all performance is progressive and excellent handling even for hilly drives. The average on mile coverage turns out to be very good. They provide a smooth ride on road and cope up with almost all weather conditions. Exceptionally good for areas with abrupt weather changes

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