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215 40 R18 Tires

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215/40 R18 tires

tires with a width 215 between sidewalls, percentage width 40%, and diameter 18 with excellent grip. These tires are good for 250hp street driving cars. These tires provide good wet grip, but extra ordinary dry grip. These tires have a low rolling resistance but fuel consumption is greater as compared to other tire sizes. They have good braking and are recommended for daily usage. These tires hold good at borders and corners. At high speed these tires provide stability to vehicle: preferably cars. Wide groves in the structure of tires help to evacuate water easily. Good gripping prevent slippage. Noise rate is relatively high as compared to other sizes but can be compromised over good performance and affordable price. tires are effective for driving in the city as well as countryside. These tires are comfortable with low wear signs and great acceleration. They have relatively good average over miles driven.

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