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225 40 R19 Tires

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225/40 R19

These are the tires with a width of 225mm between the sidewalls, a percentage width of 40, and a diameter of 19. These tires have a high treadwear rate, but theses tires are quiet enough and able to take corners. Although these tires are hard, but they are comfortable. Acceleration and braking of these tires is great. These tires perform best on dry surfaces. They have good wet gripping, but excellent dry gripping. These tires do not have the greater noise range and are comfortable for driving. Noise range of these tires is from 67dB to maximum 72 dB, which is not distressing. The fuel efficacy of these tires is average. These tires keep good cornering and have a short distance braking system which provide safety to the drivers. These tires are recommended for sports driving and gives a better mileage. These tires are a good option for dynamic driving and have good overtaking property.

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