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225/50 R16 tires

Nokia zLine, Fulda SportControl and Yokohama Advan Sport V105 are all tire of size 225/50/16 with a strong grip and easy handling. They all have come up to their buyers demands by fulfilling their requirements and trying to provide them with the best features and abilities. Buyers have provided a great feedback regarding these tire appreciating the basic features including firm and strong grip, smooth driving, being less noisy, more cornering speed, low rolling resistance and comfortable experience. The dry and wet of each of the tire differ from one another, as the dry grip and wet grip of first tire is 95%, while the dry and wet grip of second tire is 94% and 90% and of third tire is 96% and 92%. The higher percentages of these tires indicate that they all have a very strong grip as compared to all the other tire in both, dry and wet conditions.

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