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235/40 R19

Tires with a width of 235nm, a percentage of width 40, and diameter 19 with an excellent grip. These tires have grip traction in snow and rain. These tires are effective in emergency braking. They are resistant to rough surfaces and holes, do not loose traction even in ruts filled with water. Driving with these tires is comfortable even at high speed. The rubber of the tire is solid but, tires are soft and adhesive on water. These tires have a nice grip in wet and dry conditions. They give good mileage and the durability of these tires depend on average miles driven. These tires work best in dry surfaces, but often lose grip in heavy rainy conditions. They are reasonable in price, but remarkable in quality. These tires are noiseless and are more calm than other tires. These tires hold the road nicely around the corners. Dry grip of these tires is far better than wet grip. They have a relatively high wear rate.

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