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235/45 R19

Engineered for great sporty performance, tires sized 235/45/19 are well known for their superior performance on-road and guaranteed safe driving experience when driving in off-road conditions. These tires are not only made to provide a good feeling to the vehicle but also combines the aesthetic effect with the tread pattern. Users who are in need of tires that allows both, precision in steering response and a great road grip, are advised to get these tires.

For light truck and SUV’s, these tires are designed around increased safety margins alongside a great driving experience. Fully equipped to perform their best when dry handling, they are engineered to maximize traction hence including the element of safety. For a quieter driving experience, with ultra-high precision when driving on high speed and optimum control and grip when braking, these tires are the best finds for SUV’s. With an averaging review of 259,761 miles shows a 91% dry grip and 87% wet grip, these turn out to be the best choice for everyday use.

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