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235/50 R18

Tires with a width 235 between sidewalls, percentage width 50% and diameter 18 grips excellent on ice as well as on muddy places. The wear rate of these sizes is lower than other sizes. They have a high loading capability of 101 which makes them appropriate for S-type. These tires have nice braking on dry roads, but perform extra ordinary well on wet surfaces. These tire sizes are not good for racing cars. These tires work best with 255hp (horse power) engine. These tires provide excellent gripping while cornering at high speed. These tires produce noise at low speed, but that is acceptable. The stopping distance is reduced by 10% after using these tires. There is no slippage even at high speed. Short braking system provides security to the driver and is extremely beneficial for emergency situations. These tires are rigid and their durability depends upon careful usage and miles driven.

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