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265 70 R16 Tires

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265/70 R16 tires

These are the tires with a width of 265mm between the sidewalls, a percentage width of 70, and a diameter of 16. These tires have low noise, good grip on road and are holds the road well while raining. They perform well in paved and unpaved both kinds of roads. They can displace stagnant water easily. Icy roads and snow is no more a problem now when truck has tires of this size. They have good wet gripping and have a slow wear rate. Rough surfaces and unpaved roads are no not noisy anymore. They have noise rate between 71db-74db. They have less fuel consumption as they have less rolling friction. They have good grip in winter and can be used for heavy cavalry off road. tires reduce pressure in sand. These tires are tested in rocks, mountains, sand and mud and turns out to be effective in every case. These are versatile tires with maximum dry grip and a greater wear rate.

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