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Avon tires is owned by Cooper tire Company which gives them a century of know how when it comes to making tires. They have a line of tires for cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, and vans.
They combine their experience with today’s technology and innovations in design and manufacturing to bring you some of the best tires for your vehicles.

Car tires

Performance tires
ZZ5 tires – these tires are designed for high end sports car and driving enthusiasts giving improved contact pressure distribution handling and balanced tread wear
• ZZ3 tires–designed for sport orientated cars giving grip on both wet and dry surfaces and Rim flange protector to guard your expensive alloy wheels against kerbing damage
ZV5 tires –provides outstanding grip and baking for both wet and dry surfaces, guard for kerb damage, and quiet driving
Premium tires
• ZV3 tires –an ultra-quiet tire, improved cornering stability, steering response, and grip
• ZT5 tires –provides improved aquaplaning, noise control, and steering.
Premium specalists
• Turbosteel tires 70 –designed for large, luxury cars giving a comfortable ride, reducing noise, dispersing water to reduce aquaplaning
• Turbospeed tires CR227 – designed for their ability of quiet and comfortable cruising with noise and aquaplaning reduction
CR228-D tires –designed with flex I the sidewall to give a comfortable ride while dispersing water to reduce aquaplaning and noise
Winter tires
• CR85 tires –gives good traction on snow slush mud and wet, tight grip to road
Ice Touring tires –premium winter tire, providing traction, braking performance on slippery surfaces, suited to rural drivers
• Ice Touring ST tires –performance winter tire giving a good wet weather performance, providing superior traction in snow, ice, slush and wet, excellent tire life


• Ranger tires - good ride quality, low noise levels, good traction for muddy fields or wet roads, and stable at high speeds
• Ranger HTT tires –a premium SUV tire providing improved dry traction and handling, good ride and stability at high speeds
Ranger A-T tires –an all-terrain tire offering comfortable ride both on and off the road with strong traction, long tire life
• Ranger Ice tires –traction in snow, slush, mud, resistance to aquaplaning, good road grip
With all the choices at Avon you should easily be able to find the correct tire for your vehicle, way of driving, and within most peoples budgets.

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