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Which bike tires are right for you?

To that, there's no definitive answer, it will depend on the type of bike you own and where you ride it. For a city cruiser, you'll want a different kind of bike tire than for a mountain bike, and whether you ride it on asphalt or dirt roads. And that's not even having considered the weather and the season – or your budget and the current cycle tire price. If you're on the lookout for the best bike tires, you're in the right place.

The cost of bike tires

You arrived here looking to buy cheap bike tires, and our mission is not just to provide the best bikes tires – including all bike tire sizes - cheap, but to help you choose which one you need, since the choices are seemingly endless, with so many different ones on our site: the best fat bike tires, tubeless bike tires, etc, and if you look at the cost of bike tires, you'll find that for the price, we have the best new bike tires.

Bike tire sizes

Depending on your bike and your needs, different sizes will be good for you, and there are a myriad choices between 29 inch wide tires and 16 inch juvenile tires, the most relevant ones in use being 26 inch. You will always want to consider width and numerous other factors as well before you choose, but when you do, we'll have the best bike tire price.

Tubeless bike tires

With no inner tube, these tires are essentially very similar to motor vehicle tyres, making them a complete wheel-tire system instead of individual wheels and tires. To road cyclists, they can offer advantages in several areas, including grip, puncture protection, comfort and speed.

Buy bike tires (but which?)

In general you will always want to consider how your chosen tire will help achieve the desired traction with minimal wear, and allow you to obtain the greatest benefit for the buck.

You will find that it's impossible to choose a best bike tire, though, given needs and categories, outstanding ones can be found.

For MTB, the top choices from last year are the Maxxis High Roller II, the Maxxis Ardent, followed by the Maxxis Minion DHF, with other brands like Schwalbe, Continental, Michelin following up.

For city trekking, the Continental Gatorskins are incredibly resistant to all the broken glass and other junk you are likely to encounter in the city, but they are stiff and the wet traction is subpar. Alternately, the Panaracer Pasela TG series is light, ride easy and have a puncture resistant belt. Other great alternates are the Michelin Pro4 Endurance, Schwalbe Marathon or One Vguard.

When looking for the best winter bike tires, you'll want to consider puncture resistance, a thick reinforced breaker belt between the rubber tread and the carcass, and grip. Top choices include the Schwalbe Marathon Winter Spiked, the Schwalbe S-One Tubeless, Panaracer Gravel King, Vittoria Open Pave CG and Continental Grand Prix 4 Season.

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