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Mountain bike tires

Tires for mountain bikes have a great range, with most brands making what could be considered the "best mountain bike tires". Your riding style and preference will affect your choice: do you like fat tire mountain bikes? Do you want the best tubeless mountain bike tires? Are you on the lookout for specialized mountain bike tires? Where do you ride? You will want a different set of specialized MTB tires for wet, loose steeps than for dry hills, and a wide range of different tires for everything inbetween, like road tires for mountain bikes for cruising.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best tires for mountain bike, but in the name of simplicity, the main three ones (after you give a thought to mountain bike tire sizes) you should start with to get a better idea about the best mountain bike tire for you are these: performance, durability, value. Knowing your tire works well and what it excels at and if it can handle all possible conditions, how long it lasts and how it performs once it's been worn down a little, and if you get your money's worth are paramount in choosing what is right for you and your bike.

Tires for mountain bike

For downhill, take a look at the Maxxis Minion DHF. Excels in all conditions, rock, loam, dry, wet, you name it. Even when worn, its grip will stay excellent, even in wet conditions.

For aggressive all-mountain, give a go to the Maxxis High Roller 2. It will be incredible to help earn your descent, it practically allows you to climb like XC and to descend like a downhill.

All-mountain? Check out the Schwalbe Nibby Nic. It's an outstanding all-rounder for trails, and it won't let you down during crushing climbs, the steepest descents, and whatever is in-between.

For XC, you can't go wrong with the Continental Mountain King, which is a well-balanced, light and fast tire, rolling fast and gripping hard.

As for mountain bike road tires, you will want narrower, slick tires, like the Continental Grand Prix 26”.

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