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Bridgestone B 340 - a tire for the Smart

Even in winter you should think about the summer tires for the upcoming warm seasons. Because when is the best opportunity to buy new tires? In winter, when one has already deducted the old summer tires.

Important data on the Bridgestone B 340

Bridgestone B 340 is a summer tire which is specially designed for the vehicles of the brand Smart. It is available in sizes 195 / 50R15 and 185/55 R15. Additionally still the variants Bridgestone B 340 EZ in size 145 / 65R15 and Bridgestone B 340 GZ available in size 175 / 55R15. These are primarily intended as tires for the Smart Roadster or the Smart ForTwo. Allen tires Bridgestone B 340 series is the common radial design that ensures a long service life and good wet grip and cornering. Evident are Rafialreifen by the letter R, which is present in the type designation. The load capacity of the tire is at the two large sizes respectively 82. This means that each tire has a maximum load of 475 kg may be driven. The allowable load in the size 175 / 55R15 is 412 kilograms and in the size 145 / 65R15 even 355 kg per tire.

The maximum permissible speed

Another important characteristic of the tire is the maximum speed limit. As with many other Bridgestone tires this is also in the tires of B 340 Series 190-kilometers per hour. This can be recognized at the T in the type description.

Bridgestone B 340 tires are optimally suited to the vehicles of the brand Smart and designed specifically for this. Besides the two gößten tire diameters, which are suitable for all Smarts, the smaller models are specifically designed for certain models. This specialization you get a runum successful tire ensures safe handling in all weather conditions.


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