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Sporty summer tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE 040

The Potenza RE 040 is a summer tire from Bridgestone , which is designed for sporty sedans, coupes and station wagons. An important feature is an excellent control of the vehicle, combined with the ultimate in comfort. Precise driving, high agility and a superior traction ensure a sporty driving experience. Other features of this tire are the superb handling characteristics on wet pavement, agile and comfortable driving and a low driving noise.

The tires for a sporty driving style

The reported high-performance summer tires Bridgestone Potenza RE 040 meets the strict requirements of renowned automotive manufacturers and is used as original equipment in sports cars and sporty coupes. One finds the Bridgestone Potenza RE 040 on the Aston Martin DB9, Nissan 350Z, Audi TT, Lexus SC430 and Toyota MR2. He shines with an excellent roadholding and allows reliable control of the vehicle in dry and wet roads. As summer tires Bridgestone shows its strength in wet and dry conditions, but is not suitable to move the vehicle on snow or ice. The directional tread pattern is made up of large tread blocks with a circumferential central rib. Thus, the manufacturer reached a higher stability and a comfortable ride. The precise steering characteristics and the impressive stability in curves are obtained by lateral walls made of hard rubber and a fabric cord.

Key features of Bridgestone Potenza RE 040

tire experts like to talk a recommendation on Bridgestone tires. They are always in the Toprankings tire tests. The special profile of the tire allows pleasant running performances on dry and wet roads. The height of the flanks of 55 is close to the limit for wide tires and thus has a good look at. The best he acts on wheels in a size of 16 inches. The speed limit, for the Bridgestone Potenza RE 040 is approved, is 240 kilometers per hour. The load index indicated 615 kg. The EU tire label shows the following values: Fuel efficiency: E Wet grip: C External rolling noise: 72dB

Bridgestone Potenza RE 040 provides excellent performance in handling - both dry and wet conditions. Added to smooth running at very Comfortable, precise steering and direct response.

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