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Toyo Winter Tires

Toyo winter tires line for passenger vehicles is Observe. For the studless light truck, they have Open Country, and for variable conditions and performance vehicles, the company has Celsius. All of these lines are designed to deliver outstanding traction on snow and ice. These features make the Toyo winter tires the best in this category.

Winter tires toyo tires provide your vehicle with better traction, even when compared to the all-season version of various competitor companies. The winter tires also have longer tread life when compared to others. The tires boast superior road grip technology that allows you to take control of your car properly because it makes handling very easy. Toyo winter tires prices are set at the level so that everyone can afford it.

Key features

If we compare Toyo’s tires with those of its competition, their winter tires come out very favorably against some of the top names in the industry. Some key features of these tires are:

  • Toyo snow tires have snow claws that provide the tire with superior snow traction in deep slush from the inside to improve traction.
  • The sipe density is higher within the tire, which ensures better traction on ice and snow. The outer tread has a lower sipe density which provides better traction on both dry and wet conditions.
  • In addition to the claws, Toyo tires contain snow-grooves as that expel or disperse any water or slush from within the tire which also improves traction in snowy or wet conditions.
  • Toyo winter tires resist uneven wear, so you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. The multi-wave sipes also contribute to improving the braking system on various road conditions.


Never drive excessively fast on highways or in snowy conditions. Driving fast is neither good for your personal well-being and safety, nor it is suitable for your tires or your vehicle. Also, take extra care that you don't overload your automobile, or this will also adversely impact the engine and its fuel consumption. Regularly go in for alignment and rotation checks, and always keep an eye on your tire pressure as well. This way, you will be able to extend the life of your tires greatly.

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