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Super Sonic Support Firestone FR710

Firestone FR710 tires are designed for people who prefer a balanced combination of good wear, smooth ride, all-season traction, and T- or S-speed durability. Standard coupes, family vans, sedans, along with sport utility vehicles, crossover and entry-level pickups, all come with Firestone FR710 tires, as well as the M+S symbol as the original equipment.

Key Features

The original equipment tires are mostly purchased directly as replacements for the original tires once they have been worn out. These tires also have various useful options, such as: a complete set, or an axle pair if these are available in the load range, speed capacity, and correct sizing that can match the specifications and performance level of the current company fitted tires. It offers excellent traction for all seasons, and provides exceptional tread life as well. The compound molded into the tread ensures that the performance of the tire is outstanding. The Firestone FR710 price is also a huge bonus because it is rare to find this quality at such a low rate.


Fr710 Firestone offers a tread life warranty of five years or 65,000 miles. The company also provides uniformity warranty for first 1/32-inch of wear and tear. Your purchase is fully covered under five-year warranty for any defects in the materials or workmanship. Free replacement is also offered within the first three years, and after that, it is prorated until 2/32-inch of the remaining depth. You are also covered under 30-Day Buy & Try Guarantee from Firestone.

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