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Continental Grand Prix 5000

Bike racing is the passion of those who are in love with adventures and we are with all these Continental Grand Prix 5000 sizes. Regardless of the size of your bike, you can contact us to provide you the best quality tires at affordable rates. As one of the best bike racing tire providers, we claim that you will get the most when you contact us for a super quality set of tires. They are all-rounders in the racing field and you will witness a new performance level that brings more comfort, enhanced protection from punctures, and faster rides. Simply they are developed to make you win! So plan yourself to making winning rides with the confidence of smoothness and stability. We provide you the value when you buy Continental Grand Prix 5000 from us.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 tires

Grand Prix 5000 Continental is made with a tread compound that is unique in the sense that it has revolutionized the cycling industry. Developed only in Germany, they resolve the issue of balance of grip by utilizing BlackChili Compound. Also, the rolling resistance is reduced at a high speed. With a history of regular test wins, the cyclists will agree with us that they enjoy a lot of advantages. The reason behind this is they are specially designed with carbon black particles as well as the latest polymers and filler materials that guarantee stable and unique performance. Continental Grand Prix 5000 price will be a serious question for bike lovers but rest assured; you will get much more than the price tag.

Continental GP 5000

Continental GP5000 tires feature the technologies including Vectran puncture safety, Laser-Grip micro profile enhancing smooth traction at corners. Their Active Comfort Technology absorbs shocks and vibration while driving and keeps your ride smooth and peaceful. These qualities make them reliable road companions when you need safety and excellence at the same time. Another fantastic feature they present is their tear resistance due to Spider silk-like Vectran™ that saves the tire from rough and tough surfaces and distributes the pressure evenly.  Plan your adventure for the upcoming racing competition today and feel the difference of great rides with security and peace together. Do not bother about high rates and contact us for cheap Continental Grand Prix 5000 tires. We are near you; either on a phone call or on the web page.

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