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Falken Tires

Falken Tires is a Japanese tire company who set up shop in 1983 and joined the American market two years later. The company started off as a flagship brand but is now a stand-alone brand. Falken Tires focuses on producing ultra-high-performance tires.

The company places great emphasis on marketing and advertising. They have invested in personnel, finances, and time to create a marketing campaign as good as the product they sell.
Falken Tires really enjoys competing. The company markets its products and creates exposure through events like the American Le Mans and Formula Drift programs. They have tasted success in all-terrain and off-road events.

What does Falken offer?

Falken Tires manufactures products to be used on cars, light trucks, SUVs, and medium trucks. The range of vehicles on which the tires can be used shows one thing clearly; these tires can handle the weight. Even though improper inflation and poor maintenance can take a toll on any tire, Falken tries to ensure that no damage is caused by the failure of their product.

Immense care is dedicated to making a reliable product. As Falken tires are designed to be performance-heavy, there can be no compromise in its build quality.

Total Tread

Falken Tires thinks about every obstacle that can be encountered on the road. This is visible in the diversity of their tire treads. Every single tread design is created to maximize surface contact, traction, and even weight distribution.

On most of their light and medium truck tires, there is either more than one spine running along the tire, or a single strong spine with an asymmetric tread pattern. The spine provides the cushioning for the tire to absorb impacts, and also to keep the weight evenly divided while protecting the rim.

Where to buy Falken tires?

You can find a local dealer simply by visiting Falken’s site and accessing the dealer locator. The Falken tires prices are based on your choice of model and size.


Falken Tires offers a limited warranty on all their products. The exact details of the warranty terms are present on the website. The warranty includes workmanship and material, tread wear, and a 30-day free trial ride program.

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