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Kelly Tires

Kelly Tires started in 1894 making solid rubber tires for buggy wheels. Kelly Tires is one of the oldest tire brands in America. In 1935, they became a subsidiary of Good Year, and in 1990, they were completely absorbed by Good Year. The company enjoyed nationwide success in 2010 after going from limited distribution to nationwide sales.

Why Kelly Tires?

One of the reasons Good Year first approached Kelly with the intent to purchase was because of the company’s passion for making tires. The tires are not mind-blowing but are better suited for the job at hand. One of the things that make it a quick-seller is its association with being made in America. The tires do tend to strum the patriotic chord but rely on their build to sell.

What do Kelly Tires make?

Kelly Tires produces tires in four categories. The first includes winter tires; the second includes the all-terrain tires; thirdly is the all-season tires, and the last category is performance tires. The tires have large spines to equally distribute weight and provide the maximum area of contact between the tire and the road. The sidewall design reduces side-to-side sway caused by changing lanes at high speeds, meaning that the car can navigate corners faster.

The symmetric sipe pattern on the sport performance tires ensures that the entire area of contact is providing traction. The asymmetric sipe and tread pattern on the winter and all-terrain tires are to reduce road noise and to maximize traction by having sipe, which pulls on one side and pushes on the other.

Price and Warranty

The Kelly tires prices depend on the model and size of the tire you wish to purchase. Kelly tires come with a 30-day trial period. At the end of the thirty days, if you aren’t happy with the tires, they can be exchanged.

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