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Kenda Tires

Kenda Tires set up shop in Taiwan in 1962 making pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires are the most commonly used tires in which a cushion of air sits between the rim and the inner surface of the tire. The air cushion helps to dampen impact and provide a more comfortable ride. In 2010, the company was the 27th largest tire manufacturer in the world.

Why Kenda Tires?

Kenda Tires offers a vast array of tires, from those that can fit on a car, to wheelchairs, lawnmowers, trailers, powersport vehicles, and bicycles.

In all categories, the company provides a range of products to cover almost every kind of operating conditions. In the automotive category alone, there are ultra-high-performance, passenger car, winter/snow, and light truck tires.

Each and every product has a very specific objective, such as certain bicycle models, which are adapted to road conditions, while others are built for cross-country, and there are also studded tires. Features of the bicycle tires include grip, puncture protection, and speed.

What are Kenda tires for?

Kenda Tires provides you with a large number of options to suit your rubber requirements. The tires are optimized to provide peak performance. The tires are designed to provide a comfortable grip, reliable stopping distance, and adequate turn response.

Kenda produces tires of all shapes and sizes, including tires for golf carts, forklifts, go-carts, sow throwers, and trailers, to name some. Every tread on every tire is different to help it navigate through a very specific problem. Tires offered include sport/adventure, street, off-road, racing, and specialty.

Price and Warranty

Kenda tires prices vary depending on the model and size of the tire. As Kenda offers a large range of products, the price range is equally diverse. The warranty on the tire includes tread wear, mileage, and tread life. Replacement charges are calculated by the percentage of tread wear. The tread wear mileage depends on the model of the tire.

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