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Kumho have been producing tires since 1960 and produce more than 68 million tires every year. Kumho has 5 R&D centres in 3 continents across the world – Europe, North America and Asia
While supporting a whole host of Motorsport events, Kumho has also developed a tire for F1

Car tires
ECSTA KU39 –has optimum wet performance and good dry traction, stability at high speed, reduced noise for quieter ride
• ECSTA KU31 –provides resistance to aquaplaning, wet and dry traction, responsive handling, and a smooth ride
• ECSTA KH31 –gives improved durability and handling, resistance to aquaplaning, good wet and dry traction
• ECSTA HS51 –better wet weather traction when cornering, noise reduction for quieter ride, and fuel efficient
ECOWING ES01 KH27 –improved handling and cornering in both dry and wet conditions, fuel savings, better water drainage for more responsive handling in wet conditions
SOLUS KH17 –good stability, better cornering and braking ability, improved grip on wet surfaces, and durability
IZEN KW27 –improved grip on snowy or icy road surfaces, better water drainage to help prevent aquaplaning
IZEN KW23 –improved traction in winter conditions, better performance at low temperatures
KW7400 – excellent driving stability in dry and wet conditions, improved traction on snowy and icy roads, resistance to aquaplaning
• Solus KH21-all season tire improved snow traction, good hydroplaning performance, enhanced braking and handling
On road
• CRUGEN HP91 –reduced risk of aquaplaning, improved handling and stability on all surfaces, long wear life
• ECSTA x3 KL17 –for luxury SUVs, enhanced cornering and stability, lower risk of aquaplaning
• SOLUS KL21 –enhanced fuel economy, increased stability and handling, better traction on wet or snowy roads, smooth quiet ride
• Road Venture APT KL51 –better grip for acceleration and braking in both wet and dry conditions, enhanced driving stability, better fuel economy
• CRUGEN KL33 –an all season touring tire for luxury SUVs, stable braking, improved aquaplaning resistance, reduced tire noise for quieter ride

All terrain
• Road Venture AT KL78 –for reduced risk of aquaplaning, improved traction both on and off road, extra protection against punctures cuts and scrubbing
Mud terrain
• Road Venture MT KL71 –offers enhanced wet performance, climbing ability and traction, both on and off road, less road noise, better traction in mud and on rocks
• Izen KC15 –effective grip and braking in snow and icy conditions, enhanced wet performance, more comfortable ride
Van tires
• 857 –increased mileage and traction, radial tire for commercial light trucks, light_trucks and vans
• Portran KC53 –improved cornering especially in wet conditions, low fuel consumption, reduced risk of aquaplaning, and durable tread
• Powergrip KC11 –better grip in snow and ice, better handling in both dry and wet conditions, long tire life, for vans, people carriers and mobile homes

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