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Maxxis MA P1 for the right grip

Maxxis has over 40 years experience when it comes to price fair, yet by and deliver by good tires. Of course, is the Asian manufacturers, which was formerly known as Cheng Shin, since it is not entirely alone. However, white Maxxis convince world through good test results and satisfied customers.

40 years professional experience - tires Maxxis

Maxxis was founded in the 70s and had initially focused briefly on bicycle tires and Co.. However, Quick extended to the range on tires and tried to stick to higher quality standards. An attempt that eventually became acknowledged with success and with an ISO certification. Something Maxxis in the 70s enabled a real push towards the European tire market. Almost overnight were Maxxis car tires represent and demand everywhere. Because they were not only high quality but also affordable. That was not an everyday thing.

Maxxis MA P1: a good summer tire for very good money

That does not have to be today still the rule, of course, also show prejudice against the Asian tire manufacturing market. This prejudice is Maxxis but always combative against. It manufactures quality and proves again and again gladly. By Maxxis MA P1 Maxxis brought a Summer tires on the market that covers many areas and types of vehicles not only in terms of execution. Also in terms of the ideas of the customer, know the Maxxis MA P1 by a diverse and extensive range to score.

Maxxis MA P1 is low but by no means poor quality. Rather the opposite is the case, because the Maxxis MA P1 cut in many tests over again with a score of "good" and was often in the past, very positive customer reviews. This is therefore itself quite a good tire for very good money.

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