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Metzeler Unicross - the specialist for Allrounden

Especially with enduro tires, the difficulty often lies in the fact that they often bring only in very specific areas of good performance, on the other hand have other weaknesses. Not so the Metzeler Unicross: he is a motorcycle tire , a specialist in Allrounden.

Good performance in all terrain types

Unlike many other motorcycle summer tires Metzeler Unicross is at home in any terrain. Especially well he feels under muddy conditions, because there he can best show its power. But he mastered any other grounds and all surfaces well, of sand over gravel to wet grass. Therein lies its main strength: the Metzeler Unicross can literally be driven on all substrates. Due to its special design the durability is also on hard surfaces, very good, so it offers itself especially for Mixeinsatz, where also partly driven on roads, mainly because road trips do not reduce the durability of the Metzeler Unicross as clear as many other off-road tires. The traction of Unicross is excellent on most substrates thereby, even in difficult terrain. His good wet properties and acceptable cornering contribute to make it an all-rounder.

Metzeler - the specialist for motorcycle tires

The company itself has been going to the penultimate century back, and has practically produced during the company's history everything can be made of rubber - foams via airships and tire. With the separation of the company into its parts 1987, specialization took place in the field of motorcycle tires. Metzeler has since made ​​a name in the motorcycle industry. He is considered the German specialist in this field. Evidence of this is the high quality and performance of the tires produced by Metzeler.

Metzeler Unicross is an off road tire for motorcycles, which are driven mainly in Mixeinsatz. Even when driving on roads, the durability of the Metzeler Unicross shortened not essential, and he brings so great as any terrain and good.

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