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Michelin Pilot Sport SC - perfect for high-performance scooters

The Michelin Pilot Sport SC itself enthusiastic drivers will be satisfied. This motorcycle tires scores with its many good running properties and ensures that comfort and safety come up short at any time.

Superb braking and good handling

The Michelin Pilot Sport SC is provided with a derivative of the Michelin Pilot Sport tire tread, so that this model has a high performance and excellent handling features. This is reflected among other things in an excellent steering and braking behavior and in a very good handling. Moreover, as a driver of the optimum grip this Michelin motorcycle tires benefit. These properties do not diminish even at very high speeds, so that a maximum driving pleasure is guaranteed at all times. Especially for large and powerful scooters, the elaborately designed semi-slick profile Michelin Pilot Sport SC is very good effect and gives the vehicle a modern and sporty touch.

Michelin - tire manufacturers world-class

The high-quality and high-performance tires from Michelin are an integral part of the international market hardly. Thanks to the great demand from manufacturers from France boasts a very broad range of different models that accommodates all wishes and demands a high degree. No wonder includes the product range in addition to tires for cars and trucks and tires for motorcycles or agricultural vehicles - to name just a few examples.

The Michelin Pilot Sport SC makes any motorbike trip a special experience. Thanks to the sophisticated semi-slick profile makes these tires not only look something forth, but also allows a perfect driving pleasure at all times. So you can not only benefit from an outstanding braking performance and a high steering precision, but also of a very good handling - qualities that do not decrease even in poor weather and road conditions.

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