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Michelin Power Pure SC: Powerful tires for scooters

The French tire manufacturer Michelin has the Michelin Power Pure SC specially designed for scooters. These Bikes come with the tires in the enjoyment of high performance and technologies from the motorcycle racing. In particular, they are characterized by an extremely good grip on dry and wet surfaces.

first used two-component technology for scooters

For the construction of the Michelin Power Pure SC, Michelin has been guided by his experience in the motorsport area. Of these powerful motorcycle tires comes the so-called two-component technology: front as well as rear tires combine two different rubber compounds in itself. In this way, the central block of the Michelin Power Pure SC can be made harder and more resistant, while the sides are softer. Thus, the Michelin Power Pure SC provides an excellent grip on straight stretches and especially in curves. Michelin is the first manufacturer to use this proven two-component technology for scooter tires.

High safety and driving pleasure

The innovative rubber compounds give the Michelin Power Pure SC stable roadholding. Even at high speeds, the tire offers excellent grip. The tread design ensures optimal traction even on wet surfaces. The Michelin Power Pure SC scooter riders are confident on the road and can fully enjoy driving pleasure. In addition, the Michelin Power Pure SC is very economical due to its long life: Only after many kilometers covered, the Michelin Power Pure SC needs through a new set of Michelin Two-Wheel tires are replaced.

Motorsport technology for Roller: The Michelin Power Pure SC offers outstanding performance and is the first scooter tire on the two-component technology.

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