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The Pirelli P 6 Four Seasons is an all season tire with good handling in all weather conditions

The Pirelli P 6 Four Seasons is one of the latest all-season tires of the Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli. The Pirelli P 6 Four Seasons of well-known Italian manufacturer offers an all-season tires, which makes unnecessary a switching to winter tires for its official approval as M + S tires. Especially at home, the Pirelli P6 Four Seasons feels on cars, sedans, station wagons and minivans.

The Pirelli P 6 Four Seasons for all year good driving

The tire construction has been designed for the requirements of high-performance vehicles and ensures good handling on dry, wet and winter roads provide. Construction, materials and design of the Pirelli P 6 Four Seasons were so put together that the good handling characteristics and the adaptability of the tire always come both on dry pavement and on snowy road advantage. Especially the interaction between tire compound, tread design and make the all-season tires Pirelli P 6 Four Seasons quickly to changing demands due to weather or road conditions.

Innovative tire technology provides stability, comfort and good optics

The tire shoulder of the Pirelli P 6 Four Seasons has called variable pitching blocks which both ensure high driving stability, as well as keep the level of tire noise low. For optimal water drainage provide two central longitudinal grooves, which is also the risk of aquaplaning decreases. Quiet running properties on all surfaces and roadways reached the Pirelli P 6 Four Seasons especially by the special tread pattern combined with a new tire compound for the treads. With a particularly high cross to the Pirelli P6 Four Seasons moved at the transition to wide tire formats, which further adds an excellent optics.

The Pirelli P 6 Four Seasons presents Pirelli Pirelli a modern, secure all-season tires in nice optics which combines good performance with a comfort and economy.


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