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Pirelli Scorpion PRO: a road tire with high traction

The Pirelli Scorpion PRO is distinguished by its round characteristics. The high traction, makes the different soil conditions for good acceleration and excellent braking performance. Due to the good adhesion even steep slopes can be climbed without wheelspin.

Pirelli Scorpion PRO, the results speak for themselves

Numerous well-known Enduro riders rely on the features of this terrain tire. So some world titles have been run in the past. Pirelli draws on many years of experience, is the Italian tire producer but a company that started in 1872 with the production of bicycle tires. In the later years took place the production of car tires and motorcycle tires. The special rubber compound of Pirelli Scorpion PRO adapts well to the outside or surface temperatures and promises a lower wear of the tires. Also, the damping behavior of the terrain tire convinced. Beats of jumps, bumps, etc. are better absorbed, whereby a reliable and specific overcome ensures obstacles.

The Enduro tires compared

In the present reviews of the Enduro tires usually gets the top grade. It should be emphasized that produces these tires thanks to the good traction performance on asphalt and rocky ground a lot of grip. For example, a sudden full throttle if the rear of the bike remains stable and can easily be controlled. The profile loss is compared to other motorcycle tire low. The block geometry of the Enduro tire creates a self-cleaning effect. Furthermore, the steering response and cornering stability scored positive. The characteristics of the Pirelli Scorpion PRO speaking audiences with high expectations or motorcyclists on racing their skills put to the test.

The motorcycle tires from Pirelli holds all high demands of motocross and enduro rider was without problems. The Pirelli Scorpion PRO promises excellent flexibility, be mastered with on any surface, the most difficult conditions. The rubber compound is found to be resistant. The tire is suitable for all weather conditions, making it unlike summer tires can be used all year.

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