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Pirelli Sport Demon

Pirelli Sport Demon is a product of the Pirelli Company in Italy having vast years of experience and is progressing rapidly to compete in today’s highly competitive market. Pirelli Company is best known for manufacturing of car tires, but in past few decades Pirelli has also proved themselves as a best motorcycle tire manufacturing Company. Pirelli Sport Demon is one of the renowned motorcycle tire products of Pirelli which is most commonly used for sport touring motorcycles. These tires have radial construction type and an appropriate size for riding a sport touring motorcycle. Pirelli Sport Demon tire has a good performance in riding in all conditions of weather and has good traction and grip rate. These tires have remarkable grip on wet surfaces due to the presence of a unique compound in the composition of tread of these tires. Tread pattern and grooves on the tires allow maximum traction on road and holds the road well in order to ensure security to the driver by applying emergency braking when required. Composition of tread also contain some reinforcing elements which give a high mileage ratio to the tire by increasing its strength and durability. These tires give a good average and have less tread wear rate, which makes them difficult to replace. Tread of these tires and groove volume helps to evacuate water easily and hence they do not lose traction on wet, rainy roads.

Pirelli Sport Demon also has a good dry traction rate in dry pavements too. Composition of tread makes the tire to stick properly to the road and have good handling around the corners.

Pirelli Sport Demon does not shriek or screech at roundabouts, these tires are versatile and gives a comfortable ride to the diver. Due to the nylon carcases technology used in these tires, which is highly resistant have improved greater load absorption capacity in them that gives comfort and a smooth ride.

The multiple radius profile of Pirelli Sport Demon has a great impact on quality performance of these tires. It gives easy steering and helps in the fast direction changes and predictable manoeuvres. These tires are available at affordable prices and are a good blend of quality performance and economic benefit.

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