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Toyo Proxes C1S: tires for Demanding

Rubber to soften at high temperatures and deforms. Tire producers making summer tires must deal with this challenge. The manufacturer Toyo used for its summer tires, for example for the Toyo Proxes C1S, special tread compounds, which have a high proportion of silica. Thus, the tires have a higher stability and retain their shape even on hot days.

Connects with safety driving comfort

Especially for high-performance and luxury vehicles of the Toyo Proxes C1S is designed. Driving dynamics, high tempo and a convincing driving comfort are the advantages of this summer tire belong. The asymmetric tread is crisscrossed with several longitudinal grooves. These ensure high stability on straight track and in curves. They also reduce the road noise. The aquaplaning characteristics of Toyo Proxes C1S can also impress. The cornering on wet roads is sure the braking distance is not extended significantly. A high level of safety, the tire not only on nice summer days, but also at downpour.

Optimal for high speed in any weather

A total of 19 different dimensions provides Toyo of its high performance tires series. Various models are referred to as XL tires. With a much higher load capacity than ordinary car tires makes them ideal for vans, SUVs and light trucks. The Toyo Proxes C1S is a tire that not only wants to provide security, but also lots of fun driving. Approved for the Speed ​​Class W it reaches a speed of a maximum of 270 km / h.

Ideal for the summer jaunt: The Toyo Proxes C1S shows on a dry track and at high temperatures, outstanding handling. Sure it is, however, even when wet. The low price is another advantage of the high performance summer tire.

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